Best Fastest Wordpress Hosting 2017 [Tested performance & Load time] -

Best Fastest WordPress Hosting 2017 [Tested performance & Load time]

What is WordPress? WordPress is the world’s leading content management system which covers approx 25% of websites that are presently running on WordPress platform and rest website on other CMS like Drupal, Joomla, etc. WordPress is customizable, user-friendly, simple, flexible, extendable and includes much more other useful features. You can make a use of WordPress

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css3 books for beginners

Top 6 Best CSS3 books for beginners and developers – Must try

Here’s  you need to know while buying your next CSS3 books [wpsm_update date=”2017.05.15″ label=”Last Updated”][/wpsm_update] About CSS3 The present upgradations in CSS3, from developing content to web fonts, and artistic animations, CSS3 holds a crown in the world of creative opportunities. CSS3 is the reason behind every dynamic & creative visual effect on the Web. If

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Top 6 Best books for javascript beginners and professionals -

Best JavaScript books for beginners and professionals in 2017 – Must read

About Javascript In today’s modern world, we(developers) are treating JavaScript as an object-oriented language of computer programming that is commonly used to develop dynamic & interactive effects within the combination with different search engines web browsers. If we talk about the present situation, JavaScript is the principal language of the internet world. Thinking about to create

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